• The affection of nerves- sensory/motor in the limbs is called peripheral neuropathy. The cause is many times not evident in spite of extensive investigations.
    • EMG/NCV studies are needed to establish 3 things:
    • 1. To confirm the presence of polyneuropathy
      2. To decide the type of fibers (A/B/C) affected and its distribution
      3. To determine relative degree of demyelination and axonal damage

The above facility of EMG/NCV is available at Shrey hospital with close collaboration with in- house neuro physician who can provide insight to complex neurological cases.

  • Once diagnosis is made attempt is made to treat cramps and peripheral neuropathy (DDPN) with RSWT which is documented as causing significant relief in symptoms without any drugs like gabapentin and methycobalamines.
  • The resistant and recalcitrant cases are subjected to RSWT and the results are promising and can result into cure.


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