Case-1: Planter Fasciitis

This middle aged house wife had persistant pain in left heel since last 6 months and could not step out of her bed in the morning due to severe pain on weight bearing. She cannot walk barefooted.

She was not relieved with routine conservative means including local injections of steroids.

She was cured with Radial Shock Wave therapy and is back to her household chores and can even walk barefooted in her house.

Planter-Fasciitis Planter-Fasciitis_1 Planter-Fasciitis_3

Case-2: Pump Bump (Achyllodynia, Tendoachilles Tendinopathy)

This salesman who has a moving job and has to walk a lot, had severe posterior heel pain more on walking. He was suffering since 1 year as no treatment was helping him, infact it was getting worse day by day.

Local injection was ruled out due to fear of rupture of Tendoachillis.

He was given RSWT and he went for uneventful recovery and is back to his job and needs no modification in his foot wear.